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The tire repair process we use is designed to ensure the repair will last as long as the tire does.

Shocks and struts controls the tire and spring compression and re-bound over road irregularities. Additionally, they bear much of the side load placed on the vehicle's suspension. This is a sign that the seals have broken and the internal fluids essential to proper function are escaping. If you think you need new struts or just want to explore your options - drive in to Big O Tires and we'll inspect your vehicle's struts and the strut mounting hardware and -- if necessary -- advise you of options for replacement. Worn shocks and struts affect your car's However, yes worn struts can cause funny tire wear, but if the tire wear is even I am not inclined to think that it is being caused by a strut.

Don't forget to rotate the new tires.

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Tire Rack's collection of products is hand-selected by their team of experts. They're more than four chunks of rubber: your tires are your car or truck's most important safety feature! Check out our latest tire promotions for a selection of coupons on Bridgestone, Firestone, and other leading tire brands. Welcome to Earl's Tire Pros. Miller Brothers Tire Service, Inc. Shocks or Shock Absorbers are usually used on cars and light trucks with standard suspension systems.

Discount Tire Centers' suspension services improves stopping, handling and safety with your car's shock and struts.

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Cupping shows physical evidence on your tires when your shocks and struts are Inside tire wear can be caused by worn struts or shock absorbers. Additionally, you get peace of mind with our shocks and struts warranty. Tire cupping, or scalloping, can be another cause of suspension-related noise. Technicians are highly experienced in replacing struts and shocks on domestic and foreign vehicles, so your work will be completed quickly and efficiently. Leaking — Your shocks or struts are leaking fluid. While I am at it I need at least that feathered tire replaced but she recommended I replace the 2 rear tires and an alignment will be needed.

After the tech brought car in and on the lift he came back and talked to her. Shocks and struts promote a smooth ride by helping to hold your vehicle's tires to the road. Answer a few questions about what tires you need to get an express quote sent to your inbox. Worn shocks and struts also stresses other suspension and steering parts causing them to wear prematurely.

Find a Store or. Request an appointment online or call to schedule an appointment. Are you needing to replace your old, not working vehicle gas struts with new ones? Flat spots are often caused by the tire being out of round. Find a Belle Tire near you today. Light Duty Fleet Service. Coil springs respond to the impact of bumps and dips. Shocks and struts are filled with a hydraulic fluid and over time seals get damaged and they begin to leak.

Sears Auto Center offers complete auto service including tires, batteries and more. Tire Rack's collection of suspension components is hand-selected by their team of experts and only the best make the cut. Find an American Tire Depot auto service location near you to avail of our exceptional customer service.

This allows the tire to bounce up and down as vehicle is driven cupping out he tire. When does your car need new struts or shocks? Watch for excessive front end dipping when braking. Don't let Shockulla sell you something that is not even as good as what you already have. When a spring isn't controlled properly, the tire contact patch isn't consistent and you have a loss of traction. Leaking fluid on the exterior of shocks or struts. Schedule an appointment here! The alignment of strut to spindle can also make a difference. Worn shocks or struts allow the wheels to bounce too much, particularly on rough roads, and typically results in an inner or outer wear pattern on the tread.

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They are crucial to both your safety and your At The Tire Choice, we know how important shocks and struts are to keeping you safe on the road. They help you maintain a smooth, safe and comfortable ride. I had new tires put on, rotated front to back, and balanced. Learn about the lifespan of the parts that connect the wheels and the vehicle and replace them when necessary. Items found in your suspension system include: shocks and struts, to control the bounce and ride feel; control arms and links, which anchor the frame to the wheels; ball joints and tie rods are the pivot points for the wheels and connection to the steering wheel.

Worn struts can lead to tire cupping, which causes your back tires to sound like a basketball is being dribbled down the road while you drive. Don't forget about free services with your tire purchase. Shop tires, parts and accessories or schedule your oil change and repair services today. Do you need to replace shocks and struts on your vehicle? How can you tell?

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Hydraulic shocks and struts have piston rods attached to pistons that move up and down inside hydraulic fluid filled cylinders. With the exception of air shocks, shocks and struts do not support the weight of the vehicle. Struts help to stabilize your vehicle and keep it from swaying, bouncing and bottoming out.

When they wear out, the suspension will sag, causing the front tires to absorb more heat on the inner or outer portion of the tire. Unlike shock absorbers, struts provide structural support for the vehicle suspension, support the spring, and hold the tire in an aligned position. These items are responsible for turning kinetic energy into heat. Unlike tire balance conditions, the wear pattern frequency is greater from shorter tire movements that are not being dampened by worn shocks or struts.

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Retreading Services. Our service department's specialize in brake repair, oil changes, and wheel alignments for customers just like you. We will make sure your car is running at its best so you are safe on the road. We know tires and so much more. It could be rubbing on the coil spring, or the strut itself.

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Replacing these worn components will restore the ride control and handling the vehicle demonstrated when it was new and reduces wear on other steering and suspension components. Schedule an appointment or walk-ins are always welcome. Shop online or in-store for affordable tires and services; shop automobile tires and automative sevices by vehicle year, make, model, and tire width. I have a Honda CRV with about 85k miles.

In regards to my question about the tires rubbing the struts. Our large variety of products and services guarantee that we will become your favorite one-stop-shop.

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Online Leading Giant provides the best products at the right prices. This is because worn shocks and struts have lost the internal pressure and ability to keep applied pressure downward. Struts make economical use of space by taking the place of separate shocks, springs and control arms. Service Details. How to Change Struts.