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My wife is short. With the seat pulled all the way up she still can't depress the auto pedal completely down. When she tries to sit on the edge of the seat to get closer to the pedal the seat comes up and the mower shuts off.

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When I use the mower it strains my leg to have to keep the pedal depressed the entire time. Also the battery is under the seat so it would be hard to keep the seat depressed and jump the battery if I ever needed to. The gas tank is extremely small and with our small yard we have to refill to complete a one time cut. I have purchased 5 or 6 Sears mowers over the years, but I will never purchase another one. Will not buy another Craftsman tractor again.

I bought this about 7 years ago -- nothing but issues. After the warranty ran out I had major smoke from the engine. Took it to the shop and found out head gasket, they said bad design and it should have at least one more bolt on the head to keep the gasket from blowing out. Ran for a year and then couldn't start it, thought it was battery but that didn't help.

Turns out it was the cam not releasing the pressure. Now reverse isn't working correctly and they think it is the hydro-static trans. Never again will I buy a Craftsman. Decades ago they lasted forever what happened to them. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Bought a Craftsman riding mower about 2 years ago, to replace another Craftsman riding mower, along with a 5 year protection agreement.

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First one worked well, but this second one has been nothing but trouble. It also claimed to have non-slip tires but there are quite a few places on my yard that I have to have a run at to traverse without digging up dirt never had this trouble with the first mower. The biggest trouble I think is that the center of gravity is probably a foot higher on this tractor than my first; this also keeps me from mowing across angled terrain I know they recommend not mowing at greater than a 15 degree angle but I've never tried to measure it - I was able to mow it with the first mower, as long as I leaned.

I have a bagger attachment that stripped out mounting points for the attachment base. First they refused to do anything about it under the protection agreement but after I complained, they sent someone out to mount the attachment base directly to the mower - not ideal but now I can still use the bagger. Latest snafu - the drive belt broke. Called for service under protection agreement.

Waited little over a week for service call appt. Just after email notification of service call, got email showing how to replace a mower deck belt. Called back to make sure they knew it was a drive belt that broke, NOT the mower deck belt - the mower will spin but the tractor will not move. Was told the service techs are well stocked but will note my concerns. Purchased in March.

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Less than a year stopped in tracks while I was using. Unable to move. Many many Many phone calls and pleads to warranty repair to no avail and repairman showed up 5 weeks later. Should have been my first clue he was so busy.

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Drive belt slipped off pulley. Out of warranty so-called local repairman to pick up. Final verdict Plus labor and more than it was worth Why this complaint. I said plastic gears. Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. Product Type. Minimum Star Rating. View Product for Pricing. Husqvarna 54 In.

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Husqvarna 54"" Riding Garden Tractor. In our search for the best gas-powered lawn mowers, we gathered models from each of the leading brands and subjected them to a battery of tests. We spent more than hours assembling, using and cleaning every lawn mower we reviewed. This amounts to over pounds of grass clippings, dozens of gallons of gasoline, and more than a few blisters and grass-stained shoes.

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To complete our testing in time for prime mowing season, our team of reviewers traveled more than miles in the wintertime so they could test each mower on grass. This informed our rating and ranking of the best gas-powered lawn mowers.

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  4. We acquired each of the gas lawn mowers we reviewed either on loan from the manufacturer or by purchasing them outright. Manufacturers were not made aware of our testing methodologies and had no influence on our results. We preferred lawns with some trees or shrubbery to negotiate. We did not test on lawns that had been watered within the last six hours. We mowed in the morning or early evening hours, since mowing at midday is not good for the health of the grass. We assembled each mower according to manufacturer specification and noted any difficulties or nuances required in setup.

    We then set mowers to maximum cutting height and engaged side discharge. We mowed six full passes without self-propulsion, noting how the mower rolls along — for example, excessive bouncing, how hard it is to push, whether it is difficult to turn at the end of the row, whether the side discharge gets blocked, etc.

    We then set each mower to minimum cutting height and mowed six new rows with self-propulsion if featured engaged, taking note of the same criteria listed above, as well as noting how often we had to stop to empty the bag. We also determined how long each mower would run on a tank of gas.

    We reached out to lawnmower professionals and businesses to tap into their expertise and further enhance the knowledge we gained from our online research and meticulous testing. One business owner we talked to was Matt Wilkinson of Wilkinson Supply, a company specializing in sales and services of lawn and garden equipment. Wilkinson said carburetor issues are the most common problem his shop deals with when it comes to repairing gas lawn mowers.

    This involves regular maintenance like changing the oil regularly and making sure you have the right mix of fuels.

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    Best electric lawn mowers get the perfect battery-powered mower for you. Best riding lawn mowers ensure your mower makes the cut. Best Lawnmowers of Best Robot Lawn Mowers of Craftsman Review. Lawn-Boy Review. Toro Personal Pace Review. You can spend into the thousands but that would be for mowers with specialty features most people could probably live without. Electric mowers are priced comparably to gas mowers, but you do get more cutting power with a gas mower.

    Blade width: t he width of the cutting blade determines how many passes it takes to mow your yard. A wide path means you spend less time pushing your lawn mower.