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State value up front, include a crystal clear call to action, and use a URL shortener like goo. When are they most likely to be on their phones? According to Mobile Marketer, 5 Mondays have the lowest response rates. Unless your message is specifically relevant to that day, avoid it. You should also steer clear of common commute times, typically am and pm, when people are likely driving and unable to read or respond to texts. In general, standard business hours of 10 am — 8 pm are most effective for SMS marketers. No one wants a coupon code or appointment reminder at 4 am.

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SMS is a highly personal and informal channel, making it ideal for entertaining campaigns. Think games, promotions, polls, interactive content, and one-on-one conversations. Use it as an opportunity to deliver fun, memorable customer experiences.

Feel free to do the same, as long as your message is easily readable. Starbucks has long used SMS to delight customers with trivia games, quirky memes, and personalized rewards. This campaign from takes advantage of the immediacy of SMS by rewarding the first correct responders.

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And it cleverly reinforces the essential role music plays in their customer experience. Same goes for SMS. Segment your audience to ensure that each user gets relevant, valuable content. New visitors could get free shipping or a promo code, while repeat customers get early access to new products or an invite to your rewards program. Use profile data to send birthday promotions, new customer discounts, or location-based campaigns to give each user a personalized experience and up conversions.

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One of the central benefits of SMS is immediacy. So use that to your advantage. Pair SMS with location-based campaigns to send tempting promotions to users when they arrive or pass by your store. One way to keep subscribers from opting out of your SMS campaigns? Subscribers get access to free movie screenings, special event invites, concession discounts, and movie swag giveaways. As with any other medium, you should track how users are engaging with your text campaigns. How many open your message?

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How many click the link or send a response? How many opt out? An omnichannel strategy is essential to building a strong, lasting relationship with your brand. They should complement and connect with your push, email, and social campaigns to reinforce customer relationships and provide a seamless experience.

To decide if marketing through SMS is right for your campaign, ask yourself these questions:. Schedule a Demo Now! Subscribe to our blog. By submitting this form, you agree to CleverTap's Privacy Policy. Customers can easily be managed on the EZ Texting platform by assigning them tags according to their source, interests, or location. This means that only relevant promotions are sent to certain groups of customers to avoid marketing overkill. In a matter of minutes, you can send your very first retail text message promotion! Are you ready to get started?

Also, the platform works perfectly and EZ Texting offers excellent customer service. Call Us!

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Using Text Messaging for Retail Promotions. Text Messaging for Retail Promotions With support from a powerful text message marketing provider , text messaging for retail promotions is easy! Add coupon codes to their marketing SMS. Send multimedia MMS image, audio, and video files. Schedule forward-planned marketing campaigns. Run recurring promotions for different groups of customers.